What is OWASP Research?

OWASP Research is an initiative within OWASP to start with innovative research, out of the box solutions or experimental projects, in the field of Web security. With this initiative, we want to motivate solutions to Web security problems such as:
-Cryptography/Obfuscation in Javascript
-Robust Defenses for Cross-Site Request Forgery
-Internet of Things security
-Fuzzing Tools for web security testing of NodeJS

For more examples see:
One of our main objectives is to match the actual needs of web security with innovative projects and solutions. Also, through this exercise, teh inititaive willl support those selected projects for funding through Grant funds and sponsorship.

Who can participate in OWASP Research?

Anyone can participate. The main conditions to be accepted as research project or research are:

    • -Have a Innovative topic research in the field of web security
    • -Write a proposal with the main goals
    • -By Invitation
    Students looking to join a project can take contact with us

    Inititiative Leaders

    • Johanna Curiel
    • Ali Razmjoo